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- use to make films (put inside before finishing his first picture)
- had a heavy black walrus moustache
- rich
- mysterious connections
- from Moscow
- mixture of all nationalities
- young
- worldly
Role in story:
- receives regular food parcels
- others are envy of him
- gets special privileges inside the camp
Relationship with Shukhov:
- Shukhov respects him
- Shukhov gets extra food from him
What the character represents or symbolizes:
- connection to the outside world
- cultural achievements, abundance and privilege
- bribing/corruption
Other information:
- smokes a pipe


- desperate
- greedy
- dependant
- follower
Role in story:
- one of the lowliest members of the gang
- know as the “scavenger”
- earns extra food from the pity of others
- beggar
Relationship with Shukhov:
- first Shukhov looks down upon Fetyukov
- towards the end Shukhov pities him (because he gets beaten up)
- opposite of Shukhov
What the character represents or symbolizes:
- loss of dignity
- loss of self-respect
- degradation
- represents what the Gulag camp can make the prisoners succumb to
Other information:
- Fetyukov had 3 children
-Solzhenitsyn separates Feyukov from other characters as he lacks dignity


- provided milk to Ukrainian nationalist rebels hiding in the forest
- ‘As pink cheeked as a piglet” (pg 49)
- young and still healthy
- 16 years old
Role in story:
- he is 16 years old and represents innocence
- works with Shukhov and gets wire for the pipes
Relationship with Shukhov:
- Shukhov asked him to get wire for the pipes
- Once Gopchik has the wire, he and Shukhov hid it so they can make a spoon later
What the character represents or symbolizes:
- represents innocence
- the fact that the Soviet imprison such young people, shows the inhumanity of the situation

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